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Magnified Realness by Ben Weiner

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These paintings from, New York based artist, Ben Weiner present a world from macro photographs of what appears to be either splashing swirling paint or toxic chemicals all painted in a slick photo-realistic style. The paintings which have an undeniable beauty could easily be seen as abstract.

wow I love the last one

How to help out your favorite artists when you don't have any money


I post something like this about once a year, because I get a lot of messages from people who enjoy my art but feel guilty about not buying things from my store or subscribing on Patreon or getting things from my wishlist, etc. You really don’t need to do ANY of those things to help…

The Dublin Zine Fair was this weekend and I made a very humble little book for it. Some details of my most recent drawings, with accompanying reflections. There was a limited edition of 5, (plus the master copy), and I’m very pleased to say that I sold them all!

I am so grateful to everyone who was interested in the work, and who loved it enough to bring it home with them - that is so incredibly thrilling for me. It is a wonderful validation that my work moves and touches people and they get it, which is so important. Especially as this was quite an unedited, unpolished stream of consciousness sort of zine.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there myself, as I had other commitments, but I am really looking forward to next year’s fair (and might even make something in the meantime!)


Artist: Audrey Kawasaki

Photos #4-9 are actually her staging an installation show that showcases the artist workspace by Thinkspace Gallery ‘Drawing Room Show’.  The rest of photos #1-3 & #10 is Audrey Kawasaki’s works in progress and artist at work. 

For even more amazing photos giving insight into the artist’s process. Go to her website for over a hundred in progress shots.

Audrey Kawasaki works in progress

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